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5 Beauty Editors Share The Single Product That Changed Their Skin

Beauty editors are one of the greatest resources when it comes to skincare because they have quite literally tried it all. They’re also well-versed in deciphering the good products from the good marketing, so any recommendations they have are worth their weight in complexion gold. 

So here we’ve tapped five industry leaders to share the single product tool or ingredient that’s changed their skin — those life-changing, holy grail discoveries that are worth every penny. 

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“I've always struggled with transepidermal water loss and consequentially, skin dehydration. As much as I would love to consistently reapply hydrating ingredients and slather on humectants throughout the day, sometimes I really just forget. Life takes over. So, Emma Lewisham's Supernatural Hydration Creme really changed the game for me. The star ingredient, Saccharide Isomerate, cleverly holds moisture in the skin for over 72-hours – which has completely changed my skin's health. I use it in the morning and I apply it with the comfort of knowing my skin will stay hydrated throughout the entire day until I have the time to reapply it right before I fall asleep at night. In my honest opinion, this is the best hydrating moisturiser/creme on the market” — Liam Sharma



“Honestly, there’s a few products that have changed my skin over the years but the one I’m most infatuated with is Biologique Recherche’s P50 Lotion — specifically the P50V, which is a more gentle iteration for thinner skin. It’s a multi-acid chemical exfoliant that literally transforms your complexion overnight. It assists with blackheads, breakouts and scarring, and you just feel reborn after every single use. It smells terrible (like vinegar) but I’ve grown weirdly fond of it. If you have dull, uneven, congested skin, you need a bottle in your life.” — Emily Algar


Omnilux Face Contour LED mask: I know, I know, this is such a bougie call, but here’s the thing: it actually works. And when it comes to things working, I’m willing to throw down the cash. In salon Omnilux light therapy has been my go-to for years (they are the market leaders in this space) and this LED mask is the only one FDA approved, and with the clinical trials to back it up. It gives the kind of smooth texture, skin-bounce and all-round glow that can only be described as “health", and really, the cost per wear over a year makes it basically free no?” — Sarah Tarca 

“I would liken this to choosing a favourite child — meaning I can't pick one! — so as a lady of excess I'm going to pick two (maybe three). First, DMK REVITOSIN. I've always been wary of vitamin A’s after an adverse reaction, but this baby makes my skin quite literally look like a baby, both gentle yet super effective. It's a lotion that works as an exfoliant, removing dead skin cells while simultaneously proliferating new, healthy, bouncy cells and helps with my major skin concern: hormonal pigmentation! I use only twice a week. Simarlily, Sunday Riley's GOOD GENES is another exfoliant-type, baby-face-makin' lotion which I am utterly obsessed with. It has top shelf lactic acid and glow-giving licorice root that not only clarifies my skin but seriously reduces my dark spots, plus gives me back my b-b-bounce. And Ultra Violette's QUEEN SCREEN is the only SPF I use on my face, 'cause she's a Killer (sun) Queen (and unlike most sunscreens, actually makes my skin look better!)” — Chrisanthi Kaliviotis



“In my early 30s, I was dealing with adult acne, so my dermatologist put me on prescription vitamin A (Prescription only), and I haven't looked back. It has completely changed my skin like no other product, and improved it in almost every aspect: even tone, smooth texture, still relatively firm, and best of all, I haven't had a serious breakout in years.” — Sherrine Yousef



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