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Australian Girl Beauty, with Kristin Brett

Often we speak about 'French Girl/Parisienne Beauty'... but what about Australian Girl Beauty?

How would you describe Australian girl beauty?

Australian girl beauty is sun kissed, a natural glow and rosie cheeks. Brushed up brows and minimal mascara.

Water is a big part of being an Australian. Sun, surf and lazy weekends by the beach, particularly in summer. How do you ensure that you drink enough water each day?

I always try and carry a refillable water bottle with me. That helps to make sure that when I don't have access to fresh water I always home some in my bag.

As a make-up artist, how can you tell when your clientele may be de-hydrated/not drinking enough water? What are the physical/skin signs that you notice right away?

I can tell straight away when someone is not hydrated or not doing the right treatments for their skin. If the dryness is not visual the first sign to tell if they are dehydrated is when I touch their skin for a skin prep or apply their base and it collects around the dry spots.

After cleansing your clients face, what is your go-to primer/moisturiser to ensure the perfect base?

This is a hard one as I have different products for different skin types and never use the exact same thing on every person. If someone is really dry I love using Charlotte Tilbury's Nightcream. For a normal or oilier skin I tend to use more of Marc Jacobs Youthquake.

What is your every day makeup look and what products do you use to achieve this?

I actually tend not to wear too much makeup from day to day but I always have my skin care on. If I do use anything I love using Charlotte Tilbury's Light Wonder foundation and a Stila cream blush.

What does your personal skincare routine look like?

I cleanse my skin in the evenings only with Tata Harper Clarifying Cleanser. In the mornings I use water only. Then I apply Natasha Cook's Concentrated Clarifier and Moisturiser. Less is more for my skin type.

Has your skin changed much since being pregnant? How so?

Yes - my skin has changed a lot since being pregnant and not only on my face. I used to have pretty bad backne which has completely cleared up.This is something I have been struggling with for many years. As for my face I have developed a dry rash like skin condition around my mouth and my nose but hopefully it clears up after the baby is born. Not the prettiest but I think because during pregnancy your hormone levels are so all over the place, there is no reason to treat something that is not permanent and I rather tackle it once my hormone levels are back to normal to see what is causing it if it doesn't go away on its own.

What is one particular product you have been using since the beginning of your career? (Or just for a really long time?)

My forever favourite foundation is Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder. I have had it in my kit for 5+ years!

What has been a career highlight to date?

There have been quite a few which makes it really hard to choose! However, I think probably doing Paris Fashion Week as that was something I did for myself and pushed myself to do with no guarantees that I will even get on a show til I got there. I did not know anyone or had no contacts, but I was determined and got myself on Val Garlands team. I am forever grateful for this opportunity.

Who are other make-up artists that inspire you and who is one particular make-up artist that you would like to work with?

I adore Hung Vanngo - his makeup story is inspiring and his work and approach to makeup is incredible.

Favourite celebrity beauty moment from the last few years?

I really enjoyed making up Renee Bargh for Stellar Magazine. She was so down to earth and warm. Nothing better than working with lovely people!

What do you wish you saw less of .. and saw more of? (I.e less highlighter, more fluffy brows etc)

I wish people used more blush and less powdery products. I think cream blush is such a good and easy addition to everyone's personal makeup bags. It adds natural glow and makes you look more youthful. As for powdery products I always tend to lean towards creams when it comes to powders highlighters etc. Its easier for the product to look more like its part of your skin and less like a foreign object on your face. I ever only use powders on skin to slightly set some of my cream products if I am doing a every day makeup look.


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