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Can Ear Seeds Help Us Manage Stress?



Between work, play and relationships, modern life can be exhausting. We get up early, we work out, we build stuff, take calls, answer emails — and that’s all before midday. Stress is a normal part of it to some extent, but it’s equally important to look after yourself so that you stay mentally and physically well. 

For some, acupuncture is the key that unlocks a calmer life. The idea is that tiny needles are used to stimulate certain acupoints, treating a variety of ailments and restoring balance within the body. And while acupuncture is best left to professionals, you can experiment with acupressure (a needle-free alternative) at home — specifically through ear seeds. 

In traditional Chinese medicine, the ears are significant because they’re home to hundreds of acupressure points that link back to different places within the body. Ellie Halliwell, a journalist, wellness expert and founder of Auricle explains that “auricular therapy has been shown in numerous peer reviewed studies to help with anxiety, stress, weight loss and pain management. I started using them after discovering the amazing benefits of body acupressure during my pregnancy. I was looking for a gentle form of pain relief, but in the process discovered that ear seeds really helped with my anxiety — something I’d be struggling with since my 20s.” 

Auricle ear seeds come in 24k gold, crystal and pearl, and can be worn on the ears for five days. Placement is totally up to you — just choose acupressure points that align with your needs. 

“Being a journalist my levels of scepticism are usually quite high, so it took me a long time and a lot of feedback from friends and family before I truly embraced this therapy,” Halliwell tells us. 

“But since launching Auricle the results I've seen from clients in terms of reduced stress and anxiety, migraine relief and wellbeing has really blown me away.” 

A little more control over our daily (stressful) lives is just what the doctor ordered.


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