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Clean Scents Guaranteed to Make You Smell Good


There are few things more appealing than a person who smells good. And one of the best ways to be that person is through your fragrance choices. 

While we love a blockbuster scent as much as the next person, there’s also something about the soft, understated appeal of a clean, modern redolence that’s hard to resist. Not only are they gentler on your skin (and clothes), but are often softer and less invasive than traditional iterations — meaning you’ll smell much like yourself, only sweeter. 

Here, CILK has curated our current clean fragrance favourites.

Ayu Smoking Rose Scented Perfume Oil

Ayu’s scented oils are made on a base of jojoba and wheatgerm, so not only do they carry fragrance well but they’re nourishing on the skin. Smoking Rose in particular is a rich and complex blend of patchouli and Kannauj rose — so it’s not so much a powdery rose but rather a gritty rose that’s grounding and feminine. 



Odesse Forest Floor Solid Perfume

Odesse solid scents are clean, low-waste, and formulated without drying alcohols. Each little compact is refillable, plus slips easily into your purse or pocket for a fragrance top-up on the go. Forest Floor in particular is a sweet, mineral scent — almost like damp grass after rain. With notes of pear, lily, tuberose and cedar, it’s soft and clean but still packs a punch.

Venustus Sacred Geometry Perfume 

Venustus scents are hand-crafted in Sydney using the finest essential oils, and are designed to calm, soothe and ground the wearer. Sacred Geometry is slightly smoky with notes of cinnamon, cedarwood, Bulgarian rose and myrrh to facilitate a sense of peace. Think of it as fragrance with a spiritual element.  


Heretic Florgasm 

Heretic is a boutique fragrance offering that pairs clean ingredients with a sexy brand story. Florgasm is the supposed olfactive interpretation of a flower orgasm — spicy pink pepper, narcotic jasmine, zingy bergamot and tuberose milk. Categorically it's floral, but with a warming undertone. 

Recreation Sun-Kissed

Recreation is a Bondi-born beauty brand that harnesses clean, botanical ingredients and feel-good beauty rituals. The Sun-Kissed fragrance is like sunshine, bottled — fig, lemon myrtle, sandalwood and jasmine come together to create something truly bright, fresh and joyful.



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