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Our Current Favourite At Home Workout Apps

One of the main changes that COVID had on our daily routines was the way that we MOVE as well as the where and how. The fitness industry has had to dramatically and quickly adapt strategies and technologies to be able to connect with their audience from a-far. According to the World Economic Forum, fitness apps increased by almost 50% in the first half of 2020 and since then, we have seen more and more of our favourite fitness clubs, communities and personalities introducing their new online channels.

Rather than having to whack on your newest and latest athletic wear to drop in store, find a baby-sitter for your children, worry that you are forgetting something or fear that you may miss your class, these apps are making staying well easier, definitely more accessible and more affordable than ever before. Now, for as little as $10 a week, you can turn on your device, wearing whatever you like, not worrying about what the more experienced people in the class are thinking about you, and can just really settle into you own flow, in your own time and at your own pace.

Scroll on to learn about the CILK teams favourite wellbeing apps to stay active, toned and zen from home as well as how we improvise if we don’t have any of the required equipment:

Fluidform Pilates, By Kristin King
“Ever since COVID-19 locked us out of studios and encouraged us to stay home, I have really been loving Fluidform Pilates, which has a range of different pilates workouts for all different levels of experience and focuses. Founder, Kirsten King, guides and leads you through every flow and really helps you to improve your form, every step of the way. One of the reasons why I started with Fluidform over another class I was looking into, was that Kristen and her team send you an at-home pilates kit, as part of your first month’s membership, setting you up for ultimate success. Absolute genius!" - Stefanie

Absolute Abs - 8 Minute Core Workout
I’ve been a fan of the app absolute abs for years. Its simple 8 minute circuits focusing on your abs and core strength using body weight. Free, super easy and can be done anytime, anywhere.

My new hack is save workouts from Instagram into a folder to refer to when I’m ready to work out. Some of my go-to’s include fitness influencer Sami Clarke and infamous model and celebrity trainer Rhys Athayde. Whether its a 25 minute booty burner or a full circuit - you can go at your own pace and workout from home or the gym floor. - Liv


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