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Soap Brows. How To Emulate The Full, Fluffy Look at Home



Fluffy brows have quickly become a beauty mainstay for their youthful aesthetic and lifting effect, but unless you're Brooke Shields, achieving the look at home requires an expertly-curated arsenal of products. 
One micro trend to come out of the above is soap brows, or the method of running clear cake soap through your arches in order to lift hairs and lock them in place. While it sounds strange, it works! But a bar of soap isn’t always practical, especially if you’re travelling or want to groom them on the go. 
Fortunately, a stack of beauty brands have come to the table with products that emulate a similar finish: length, lift, volume and hold. Plus, they’re conditioning, portable and easy to use — you just need to know where to look…

Mecca Max Brow Guru Super Soap

This waxy gel is made to emulate a big, bold laminated brow look—only without the commitment. It’s extremely long-lasting without tack or flaking, you just need to wet the product before you apply it. Bonus tip: it doubles as a hair gel to smooth out frizz. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze

This sticky, long-lasting wax is perfect for coarse, thick or unruly brows. It’s about as close to professional lamination as one can get, pushing the hairs up and keeping them there. It has an almost glossy finish, too. 

Refy Brow Collection

Refy is a newer brand founded by UK influencer Jess Hunt that focuses on a three-step routine for full, fluffy eyebrows. You start with a styling gel to lift and add volume, before filling and defining with a pencil and pomade. The result is larger-than-life brows that last all day long.

Kosas Air Brow Clear Lifting Treatment Gel

For weightless lift, this nourishing gel is perfect. It’s actually formulated with hyaluronic acid and peptides tol promote growth and fullness, plus fibres to create volume. Use it alone, or with a pencil to fill in gaps. 

Rose Inc. Brow Renew Enriched Eyebrow Shaping Gel

This just-launched pomade gel from Rose Inc. contains vitamins and squalane to care for delicate brow hairs. As for the finish, it has great hold but it’s soft, so works well if you’ve chasing full, fluffy, natural-looking brows. The tint will capture any baby hairs, bulking up your shape as well. 

Pears Soap 

This original soap brows product is Pears Soap, a transparent cake that provides stiff, structured hold and lift. It’s cheap, lasts forever and can be used on any hair colour or skin tone. Simply mist the soap with water and use a clean spoolie to pick up some product. Comb through until there’s no residue left. 


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