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The New Nightcap -
Sleep Your Way To Beautiful Skin

Posted by CILK Beauty on

Waking up with glossy hair, sparkling eyes and a plump, dewy complexion has forever been reserved for Hollywood starlets and ladies of leisure with a team of makeup artists at their disposal. We know which eye creams to use and which treatments to prep our locks with, but many of us have grown to accept that dehydrated skin, dark circles, un unruly mane and an overall feeling of exhaustion are prices paid after a restless slumber.

Allow us to introduce you to the new nightcap- a stripped back beauty routine to get your head on the pillow with minimal fuss, allowing you to wind down, switch off, and wake up looking and feeling like the very best version of yourself. It’s all about taking a brief interval between removing the day’s face and hitting the sheets to enjoy life’s little indulgences.

Step 1. Create a place to dream

Replace your uninspiring bed linen with something beautiful and transform your bed into a place you’ll want to spend time. Sleeping on a silk pillowslip not only feels beautiful, it also allows your hair and skin to reap the benefits of this ancient natural fibre. Sleeping on silk reduces hair breakage and keep your tresses smooth and glossy, while crisp cottons can create split ends and erase the effects of any overnight treatments. A silk sleep mask will become a welcome addition to your evening routine too, allowing your skin to really soak up the benefits of any eye creams you apply.

Step 2. Slip into something a little more comfortable

Sleeping in silk will provide your entire body with the same perks of your new silk pillowslips. Most fabrics are created from chemically intensive crops, leaving your skin exposed to the effects of said chemicals. Being a natural fibre, silk is gentle on your skin, allowing it to breathe whilst regulating your body temperature. We love Natalija silk sleepwear for their high quality silk, adding an element of luxury to your sleep as well as being ethically sourced with an environmental footprint in mind.

Step 3. Your beauty sleep booster

The extent to which topical beauty treatments can rehydrate overnight can be difficult to measure, so double up with an inner beauty booster. Rose water is an ancient skin secret, used to enhance one’s inner beauty by hydrating the skin and using its rich antioxidant properties to strengthen the skin’s cells. A glass of a sparkling rose beverage before a night spent on silk will allow your skin to enjoy hydration from the inside out, as well as giving you a moment of pause and clarity to indulge in an ancient luxury.