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Waking up with Chrisanthi Kaliviotis

She is the fashion and beauty queen of our time and always the life of the party. A self confessed extrovert and beach baby who truly enjoys her time outdoors soaking up the sun. Always dressed in the latest pieces from Bottega Veneta and Jacquemes, Chrisanthi has built up a name for herself as being 'best dressed' and 'most stylish'. If Australia had prom she would definitely win prom queen. Read on to find out more about Chrisanthi in our latest interview.


Tell us about yourself and what you do for a living?

I’m a freelance communications slashie: writer / editor / brand consultant / content gal. I did my Masters in Communications (Journalism) and have been working in the publishing industry for almost a decade (eek!). I was previously Beauty and Fashion Features Editor of GRAZIA, but now dabble in various creative ventures in both the editorial realm and brand land. I’m the most cliched Leo you can find: dramatic, fiery, passionate, creative, confident, roaring, bossy (plus, my rising sign is Aries - double fire, baby!)

What does a typical morning look like for you?

Disclaimer: I’m NOT a morning person! I’m a night owl so subsequent late-riser and basically non-human before midday! I start my day in bed, one eye open, checking Instagram and emails (a habit I’d like to break). Once I’ve peeled myself out of bed (a long, laborious process), it’s always coffee (either oat piccolo or iced long black — with a dash of oat if I’m feeling fancy), which I make at home  — grinding beans and all — with my beloved coffee machine, the Breville Bambino. The ritual of making a coffee is actually something I look forward to every morning. If I’m good, I’ll have a glass of water with either lemon or CILK Rose Extract. 

Do you have any special rituals that you commit to daily? (Meditation, goal setting, drinking lemon water etc):

I try to take moments in the sunshine (SPF’d up, of course). I’m definitely someone who is greatly affected by the weather and relishes the warmer months, so a sun-hang is my ultimate daily ritual. I’ve also been diligent with my skincare of late, and burning all the good candles! 

What is your version of self-care?

Does wine count haha?! Cooking (and drinking!) is a huge form of self-care for me. I take a lot of comfort in it, so I definitely think my culinary escapades are my greatest form of self-care. But I definitely have to be in the mood, otherwise it feels like a chore. Also reading a book or something interesting (and credible!) online, walking and exercising. But I do believe the ultimate form of self-care is taking time away from my phone; it’s currently becoming all-consuming, and to be honest, quite debilitating, in lockdown. 

Current morning skincare routine:

I’ve always been super low-key with my skincare but am currently battling a bout of pesky hormonal pigmentation, so my skincare is more ramped up than usual and very pigment-centric (I have a hormone disorder called Hyperprolactinemia which causes some stunning, unsolicited patches of pigmentation!). In the morning, I just splash my face with water (I don’t cleanse in the AM), then go in with Emma Lewisham SkinReset, which I’m seeing amazing results from! I’ll then use either Emma Lewisham Brighten Your Day Crème or Olay Regenerist Whip UV Cream, and a brightening face oil. I love Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Oil, DMK Herbal Pigment Skin Softening Oil or Emma Lewisham Supernatural Triple Vitamin A+ Face Oil. I always finish with Ultra Violette SPF 50 Queen Screen — both for sun protection and that silky, sheeny finish!

Your go-to makeup look?

For someone who is quite outrageous in everything else I do, I’m quite safe and boring when it comes to my daily makeup look! As a Leo, I’m also fiercely loyal, so have been dedicated to the same products for years! For example, I’ve been using Diorshow Mascara for about 15 years now and won’t stray. My go-to look has only had minimal tweaks over time and is natural, bronzed and glossy with a big ol’ spider lash. Day-to-day, I actually don’t wear makeup unless I’m going to an event or meeting. Currently, if I’m Zoom-ing, it includes a mix of Chanel Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint and Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops and Chantecaille Brow Pencil which I just. 

Your top 3 makeup products that are currently on high rotation?

Chanel Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint, Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops and Chanel Baume Essentiel Multi Use Glow Stick in Transparent — but am hardly wearing any makeup at the moment and giving my skin a breather! (Literally)

Most under-rated beauty tip?  

Less is actually more! My mum is incredibly lo-fi when it comes to her beauty routine (aka, it’s non- existent) and she’s 65 without a wrinkle, just this incredibly soft, squishy skin, so I’ve always kind of subscribed to that less-is-more philosophy. I think we’ve over complicated everything, and while I enjoy all the fun feels good skincare brings and trying out new things, I’m generally pretty laissez-faire with my skin. I also believe you don’t need injectables if you’re young! I’m 35 and think I’m still too young for them! There’s a pretty toxic narrative that exists on social media and that’s a great tip that doesn’t get much traction anymore :(

For someone who is so naturally extra, prefer a far less elaborate skin routine than most would think.

Best beauty advice you ever received:

Be super gentle around your eyes! My mum always screamed at me when I was too rough taking off makeup or rubbing in moisturiser. I have an internal conniption when I see girls dragging the skin around their eyes on Instagram all in the name of facial massage!

What beauty products do you always carry with you/ in your handbag?

Westman Atelier Vital Skin Foundation Stick, Chanel Baume Essentiel Multi Use Glow Stick in Transparent, Diorshow Mascara, some form of Brow Gel and Pencil (usually Chantecaille, Amy Jean, Benefit or It Cosmetics), Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Liner and currently something lip balm-y, either Heir Atelier Lip Primer or Laneige Lip Treatment Balm. I don’t really pack much skincare in my handbag, but Ultra Violette Queen Screen if she fits!


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