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Waking Up With Doone Roisin

She's the founder of modern media company, Female Startup Club, boasting over a million downloads through her top ranking podcast, the host of a private network for early stage entrepreneurs and author of soon to be released book, Your Hype Girl. It's safe to say, Doone wears many hats! We talk with Doone on how she balances her work with self care to keep up momentum of her busy lifestyle.

What does a typical morning look like for you?
The very first thing I do every morning is put Sweetie into bed with us to snuggle with. She’s the most precious little chihuahua and we’re both completely obsessed with her - starting my morning with her means starts my/our day with our joy. On a good day we do a quick guided meditation in bed and I’m just starting to build a habit around journalling - my friends are the founders of the 5 Minute Journal which I love. After that I’m off to the gym for a sweat session. I go to 1Rebel and do either a spin class or reformer pilates - it’s all super intense music and lighting. A real vibe! When I get home I’ll do a green smoothie or Athletic Greens drink, followed by an oat latte to get started on my day. But that’s on a good day….

On a bad day (which happens more than it should) I’ll immediately check my phone as soon as I wake up - which isn’t good for my soul - skip the meditation and head to the gym. I’m trying to focus on keeping the good habits but the phone addition is real! 

Every morning I spend golden hour creating content for Tiktok. It’s a multiple hour time commitment that’s best done first thing in the morning so it’s out of the way. 

What is your version of self-care?
Self care for me is in the little moments. Small moments of joy throughout the day keep me feeling happy and motivated - even if I’m having an off day. I work from home most of the week so always have my dog with me for quick cuddles. A quick walk in the sunshine. FaceTiming with my G’pa. Chatting to my best friend and godson. A bath (even if it’s quick!). Hugs and kisses from my husband. A beautiful candle. My Vitruvi diffuser. That’s self care to me. 

Current morning skincare routine:
I have a lifetime of sun damage so right now I’m using some prescription products to try and minimise my pigmentation damage. I think it’s called Obagi. Outside of that I am someone who likes a quick and simple beauty routine that I can do with my eyes shut. I cleanse, pop on a Skinceuticals serum, hyralonic acid, moisturiser and sunscreen. Anything longer than that and I won’t do it!   

Your go-to makeup look?
Natural and sun kissed. Maybe a tinted lip gloss if I’m feeling flirty.  

Your top makeup products that are currently on high rotation?
Nars concealer - I only just learnt about concealer in the last year and it literally changed my life. And the bags under my eyes.

Most under-rated beauty tip or product?
I like the French Pharma brands that all the beauty editors seem to talk about. Embryolisse lait-crème concentré and bioderma micellar water. I also recently started using the Contour Cube the Sarah Forrai invented and it’s so lovely to do an ice facial when I have a few extra moments on the weekend to soothe my skin. 

How does wellness play a role in your approach to beauty?
I am a big veggie lover. I try to eat as many leafy greens as I can and when I’m stacking them in or having green juices and smoothies often I feel like I am looking and feeling my best. The natural glow! 

Best beauty advice you ever received: 
Sleep and drink water. And wear sunscreen - but until my late twenties I didn’t do that!


You can purchase your copy of Your Hype Girl by Doone Roisin on February 28th, here.  


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