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Waking Up With Natalie Fornasier


Skincare junkie, writer, copywriter, speaker and skinfluencer living with stage IV melanoma cancer. Natalie speaks with CILK Beauty about her daily rituals, current skincare favourites and relationship with self care.  


Tell us about yourself and what you do for a living?
I’m a lifestyle, beauty and health writer, copywriter and an advocate for those who have cancer. For a living, I do what I do best - write! I do anything from copywriting for brand campaigns to lengthy Instagram captions for my own instagram - I love the use of words and the power that they bring. Living with cancer means it’s hard to work for big business or companies, so I found the only way I could support myself was to work for myself! 

What does a typical morning look like for you?
The first thing I do is drink water - I’m always thirsty when I wake up. Then it’s the simple motions of waking up, like eating breakfast (currently I'm having a moment with raisin toast), brushing my teeth, doing my skincare. I’d love to say I get changed out of my pj’s straight away but in lockdown, it’s hard when I don’t leave the house! I’m not a morning person so I tend to go slow and wake up slowly. I’m usually alert and ready to work by 9/10am so that’s when I’ll write in my gratitude journal and write a to-do list for the day and get going.

Do you have any special rituals that you commit to daily? (Meditation, goal setting, drinking lemon water etc):
I’d say my skincare, writing to-do lists and lighting a candle. I love to have a tidy home and workspace, so I'll make sure everything is nice and in its place before I start on emails or a job I’m working on. 

What is your version of self-care?
Lately, it’s breathing! I have anxiety due to my current health diagnosis and it can get pretty bad, really quickly so I always take time to breathe properly and practice ‘box breathing’. It helps to settle my heart rate and refocus.  It’s also little things, like sitting in the sun by the window, reading a book, cooking a nutritious meal. Anything that feeds the soul and allows the mind to have space!

Current morning skincare routine:
Cleanse with Bioderma’s H2O Sensibio Water followed by Emma Lewisham skin reset serum. After that’s set in, I use a tiny bit of Murad’s Vit C Eye Cream, do a quick spritz of Avene’s Thermal Spring Water to prep the skin for MediK8’s Hylauronic acid serum, followed by Milk’s Vegan Milk Moisturizer. And then of course, the most important step - sunscreen! I use Ultra Violette’s Queen Screen. 

Your go-to makeup look?
I’m a really simple girl and I like to let the skin glow, so everything looks very natural. The amke up no make up look is what I go for. During the day it’s all about that glow, at night time it’s still about the glow but I’ll add a coloured lip. I do love a coloured lip! It can be so powerful and mood changing.  
Your top 3 makeup products that are currently on high rotation?
Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser, Glossier boy brow and Westman Atelier blush.

Most under-rated beauty tip?
Sunscreen is your friend. Start using it EARLY and be consistent.

How does wellness play a role in your approach to beauty?
I think by embracing wellness and leaning into the art of practising daily habits and rituals - you feel beautiful. It’s a dance you do with yourself - and it’s a lovely dance at that. It’s important that we set aside time for ourselves - I know life can be so loud and utterly chaotic, but we’re the sole drivers of our lives so at the end of the day, everything you do for yourself, only encourages you to be authentically you. 

Best beauty advice you ever received:
Never go to bed without makeup on. It may be cliche, but it’s something my mother instilled in me ever since I was little and I’ve followed it to a T. My skin is better for it. 

What beauty products do you always carry with you/ in your handbag?
Mecca Cosmetica SPF, Ultra Violette Lip Balm with SPF, hand cream, Glossier boy brow, a Mecca Max blush stick and a red lipstick. I’ll also have a teeny tiny bottle of perfume on hand for those moments you just need a touch up!


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