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We Asked a Top Beauty Editor Her Three Must Have Products and Why.

When seeking credible recommendations for beauty products, we turn to publications and industry experts who offer their honest, personal experience and reveal ‘what’s hot’, or ‘what’s not’ about a product. Beauty Editors, who work as an important part of the industry are trialling the newest product releases that are sent to them by brands across the globe. We spoke to Emily Algar, a top Australian Beauty Editor, who’s skin glows everyday like she is straight fresh from vacation, to ask her about her favourite products at the moment and why. Read on to find out more ... in hope that we can all have porcelain skin like Emily.


CILK Beauty: If you could only use 3 x beauty products, what would they be and why?

Emily Algar:

Whittling down my routine to three products feels impossible! But of course I'll try...

An obvious one is sunscreen. I'd pick something zinc based - longer term I find this is better for my pigmentation. Zinc is also a soothing ingredient in general and my skin really loves it. My current favourite is the Rationale Tinted Serum No. 3 SPF 50. It's a physical sunscreen but has a fluid-like consistency and the most insane glow. I'm obsessed with it! But it's wildly expensive so if I was factoring in price, I'd go for Ultraviolettes Lean Screen. It ticks all the boxes and feels nice under makeup.

Second would be a retinol! Rationale No. 6 Night Cream is one of the best I've used, but I recently started testing out the Beaute Pacific Vitamin A Anti-Wrinkle Booster and it's promising! I think I'm going to really love it.

If I was being sensible my third pick would have to be a cleanser. Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel is excellent, but I'd probably go for the Is Clinical Cleansing Complex. It contains a mix of acids so would double as an exfoliant. It's one of the few gel cleansers that doesn't leave me tight either.

If I was allowed one more I'd pick a really nourishing moisturiser like the Emma Lewisham Supernatural Night Creme. That stuff is like butter. I can't get enough of the texture.



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